Speedo Cruise

The benefits of installing cruise control in your motor vehicle include :

  • Easy to operate, safe and reliable.

  • Improved driving comfort.

  • Avoid speeding fines.

  • Improved level of driver awareness and safety.

  • Arrive more relaxed.

  • Improved fuel economy saving you between 6% and 9% per tank


Features include:

Approved by international quality and safety standard regulators.
Superb speed controlling action.
3 Speed memory function available as optional extra.
Easy to install and program.
Customised kits for quick and problem free installation.
Excellent technical support and back up.
Used extensively in Europe by most leading car distributors.
Widest selection of commands to choose from.
Can be interfaced with OE commands.
RPM or VSS signal inputs.
Can be interfaced with certain OE clutch switches.
Market leader first with self learning technology and now Cruise By Wire.
Extended warranty.

Operating Features of the Auto Cruise Speed Control

  • Set: Cruise control will engage and maintain speed.
  • Accel: Accelerate vehicle speed and tap up feature.
  • Coast: Disengage cruise control.
  • Resume: Engage cruise control at the previous speed.
  • Decel: Decelerate vehicle speed and tap down feature.


  • Auto Cruise