RCS Credit Cards

RCS partner with over 400 retail brands, offering you the ability to shop at 15,000 stores around South Africa – from fashion to furniture, automotive to the latest electronics, building supplies to books, it’s all yours with a single card.

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• Why should I apply for an RCS card?


The beauty of an RCS card is that you can use it at any RCS retailer countrywide, giving you over 15,000 shops to choose from.

• What do I need in order to apply for an RCS card?


To apply for an RCS card, you must be 18 years of age or older, earn a minimum salary of R1,000 per month, have a valid SA ID number and be a South African citizen, have your employment details (if self-employed , proof of income is required – last 3 months bank statements), have your income and expense details available, have at least one landline number, not be under debt review or have any debt-counselling applications pending, not have been placed under administration or sequestration, have your banking details on hand as debit order payments are compulsory for all RCS card applications approved online. You will therefore be required to complete the debit order section on the application form.

• What does it cost to use a RCS card?


Monthly Transaction Fee: A monthly transaction fee of R2.90 will be charged to your account. No additional hidden fees or charges once the account is opened. Interest is payable for purchases on 12 and 24 months budget plan. The 22.1% per annum interest rate is less than 1.8% per month. Interest is only charged for the duration of the outstanding balance. Should you wish to settle the account early, no penalties are incurred.

• What is the easiest way to pay my account?


Paying via debit order is the simplest and most convenient way to pay any account – no long queues, no looking for your card when making a payment. You can also pay your account at selected retailers or via EFT.

• What other benefits do I get from using the RCS card?


Exciting promotions, competitions and specials offered exclusively to RCS Cardholders

Customer Protection Insurance :
With our Customer Protection Insurance, you can enjoy added peace of mind with cover for death, permanent and temporary disability and retrenchment.